Posted by: Linda | September 24, 2010

Citation–Withdrawn! Answers to Prayer!

This past Wednesday, hubby and I had to go to a hearing at district court for the citation received in August for driving a vehicle with a suspended registration.  You can read about that dilemma here and here.  The fine for this is close to $300 and since we were never without insurance, we decided to fight the citation.

The officer involved met us there and we were able to show him the information proving we were never without the insurance and he decided to withdraw the citation; we didn’t have to go before the district justice!  What a wonderful answer to prayer!

Today we had another answer to prayer.  Financially the past several months have been a struggle and I have been looking for a job and even though I had placed several applications, nothing came through.  I know that is because the job God had planned for me wasn’t available yet.  This past Tuesday I had an interview and today they called and offered me the job!  An answer to pray!

If I didn’t trust that God has my future planned, I would have become very discouraged by all the applications I had placed and not hearing anything from them.  I thank God for His love and concern for me, especially knowing that I do not deserve any of it.  I’m thankful that I am a sinner saved by grace!

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