Posted by: Linda | September 15, 2010

Day 3 – Back to Blogging

This week SITS is hosting a Back to Blogging campaign to get everyone back in a blogging and commenting routine. I’ve not really been in a routine so I’m going to use this as a starting point for a routine.  Today we are to share a post of which we are especially fond of the title.  I chose this one because the title is short, sweet, and to the point.  I believe it draws the reader in to find out about the timing.  Here it is….

It’ All in the Timing!

My Pastor preached on John 11 this past Sunday morning; the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead.  It was a powerful sermon and very timely for me.

In case you do not know the story of Lazarus, I will give a short synopsis here.  Lazarus was ill and his sisters, Mary and Martha sent for Jesus to come.  Jesus did not go right away and Lazarus died.  They believed that if Jesus had been there Lazarus would not have died; what they did not understand was that Jesus had a plan.

Why did Jesus wait and why didn’t he heal Lazarus?  He could have done so from where he was, he did not have to be where Lazarus was to do that.  What we need to remember is that God does things in HIS TIME not ours.  What is wonderful about that is God often does better than what was asked for!  PRAISE THE LORD FOR THAT!

You see, Mary and Martha had wanted Jesus to come and heal Lazarus but Jesus did even better – He raised Lazarus from the dead giving him a new body.

Times of trials and testing provide a time for God’s glory to shine.  It is not important that we are comfortable.  Why does God deal with us like this…SO THAT HE MIGHT BE GLORIFIED AND THAT OUR FAITH MIGHT GROW!

Last week I was disappointed because I did not receive a job that I wanted.  I know God’s timing is perfect and so knew he did not want that job for me, at least not at this time but hearing this sermon reinforced that thinking in my head!  I needed that.

There are other situations that I am praying about and I need to remember that His timing is perfect and wait on Him for an answer.  The waiting part is hard for me; I want things to happen now so I frequently get frustrated while waiting for God but if I remember that He gives in His timing and that He gives even better than what we have asked for…well, I just need to keep trusting Him.

Till next time…

Linda ❤

Thanks to the SITS girls for this challenge this week and thanks to the SITS Back to Blogging sponsors: Standards of Excellence, Westar Kitchen and Bath, and Florida Builder Appliances.



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