Posted by: Linda | August 21, 2010

Still no plates…

Well, here it is Saturday and still no plates for the van.  I really thought they would be here by now after everything from last week and earlier this week.

Today we received 2 letters from Jerry Stern’s (our state representative) office and I was a little disappointed when I opened the first one.  In that envelope were the application for registration, my check for payment, and a letter requesting more information about the car insurance.  They wanted info to prove we had the insurance and there was no lapse. Before I allowed myself to get upset, I opened the second envelope to find another letter from Penn DOT telling us the registration suspension has been removed from our record.  I think that means we can renew the registration but that would mean another week to ten days before getting the plates.  We have decided to just get a new registration and plates but it will be Monday – 2 full weeks – before we are able to do so.

When things like this happen, it makes one think about how dependent we are on vehicles, especially where we live.  There isn’t any other form of transportation available here.  If we lived in the city, we would have buses and cabs available.  Hubby has been able to walk to the store a couple of times but with my knee problems that has not been an option for me.  Fortunately, we were fairly well stocked with groceries, needing only to get bread, milk, and a few other things.  Things could have been much, much more inconvenient.

I have been able to be dependent on my God for His help throughout all of this.  Prayer is so important, it’s my chance to talk to God and ask for his help and guidance.  Reading my Bible is one way God talks to me but I also believe he speaks through others, many times we just have to slow down and listen.  That tends to be my problem in this age of instant gratification, people, including me wants results right away.  I need to keep working on this area of my life.

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