Posted by: Linda | August 4, 2010

Book Review – “Fearless”

I just finished reading a book by Max Lucado titled “Fearless”.  When I first read the title I thought of it as one word – Fearless – someone without fear – this tends to have a negative connotation in our society but I was pleasantly surprised as I started reading the book.  It actually means we are to trust God.

Mr. Lucado draws from scenarios in everyday living as he brings the point to bear.  He them relates it back to a situation in the Bible to really bring the point home.  He starts small and works his way up to the transfiguration of Christ and how the disciples were afraid when then heard the voice of God.

For me this book came at a time when I was in need of reminders to trust God and not be fearful of some of the situations happening in my life at the time.  I found the “Fearless” to be enjoyable, easy to read and understand.  In my experience books dealing with the subject of God can be very intense but Mr. Lucado was able to get his point across without making your head spin.

“Fearless” is a great book to read when you are wondering why all these bad things are happening to you and you are scared.  It will help you trust God to get through the current situation and get ready for the next one because it will come.

I received this book from for the purpose of reading and reviewing it.  The opinions expressed are strictly mine.



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