Posted by: Linda | July 12, 2010

Changes in Sleep Pattern

OK, so I’m not sleeping 12 hours a day now but this isn’t much better.  For over a week, I’ve been sleeping 15 or more hours one day and then staying up for 24 hours, then repeat.  I would love to change this because it is as frustrating as the 12 hours per day.  Saturday was one of those days that I was up for 24 hours and actually got some things done.  I went for groceries in the morning and in the evening my hubby and I went to a concert and then an outdoor movie showing.  It was a good day but then Sunday I slept and slept and slept; missed church and time that I could have spent with my hubby.

Now here I am again up all night and not tired; looking at being up till sometime tonight and then sleeping way to long on Tuesday.  I can’t figure out how to change this; since I’m not working, I don’t have to be up for a job so I guess part of me figures if I’m tired I might as well sleep.

I don’t like feeling this way; I long for the days when 6-8 hours of sleep was all I needed and I had energy to work a full day, even cleaning the house.  I feel useless, lazy, and worthless.  From my research on hypothyroidism, these are not uncommon emotions to experience.  I don’t feel this way all the time but certainly more often then I should.

Fortunately, I have a savior who wants me to pray to Him for help and I do that.  I also have friends and family who pray for me.  I truly do not know how people without the Lord handle things like this.  I am so thankful for a loving God!

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  1. Boy! Can I ever sympathize! I do not have thyroid problems but I worked nights, especially 12 hour nights for several years. I haven’t worked for 10 years yet I stay up all night and can’t function well next day. I’ve tried to get a normal day schedule but can’t seem to make it stick. My bedtime is anytime; wake up time is the same! lol! But, I always feel tired and never feel rested.

  2. Thanks for your comment. I too worked nights for years and can understand how difficult it is to try and change your schedule around. My husband works evenings so being up late, since I’m not working, has been a time for us to be together but this sleeping thing really has me messed up. Some times I just want to feel normal again.


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