Posted by: Linda | July 2, 2010

Effexor XR Withdrawal Update and Miracles

It’s been awhile since I updated regarding my plan to get off the Effexor XR, so I thought I would do that today.

I have been off of it for 2½ weeks.  I know, I know, the plan was to take much longer weaning the dosage down but I ran out of them and decided I did not want to take the money to get it refilled.  I felt poorly for about a week with hot flashes and achiness as though I was getting the flu, along with being very emotional and a little irritable.  I was pleased that the irritability was not as severe as previously.  About a week into it, I noticed that physically I wasn’t feeling as bad as before.  The achiness was gone!  Yea!  This was a big improvement from other attempts to get off of it!

I am still emotional and tend to cry easily but overall, I am pleased with my progress.  The irritability still exists but it’s not as severe and I think I have been able to keep it in check pretty good. (Don’t ask hubby, he may not agree!)

The knee and joint pains have not been as bad as before and in fact I am not taking as much ibuprofen now.  This is an unexpected benefit of getting off the Effexor XR – maybe I won’t need my cane one of these days soon!

I give God the glory for helping me to get through this; I could never do it on my own.  He is so gracious to help us and all we have to do is ask!  Others tell me they are praying for me and that is such a blessing (here come the tears again!). Yesterday we received a card in the mail from a couple at church, just to let us know they are praying for us, God’s people are so good!  Thank-you to all who are praying; those prayers are felt and much appreciated.

Maybe as I recover from the Effexor XR, my thyroid just might straighten out some!  That would be wonderful!

I am going to remember all those who prayed for us and pay it forward by praying for others and encouraging them as they move through their journey of life.

Til next time!

Linda ❤

PS Discussion: My son and daughter-in-law had a wonderful experience with Earthly Angels, you can read about it here.   I have experienced miracles before and know God still performs them.  Have you experienced a miracle or the gift of an earthly angel?  Comment below and share it with us!



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