Posted by: Linda | June 16, 2010

Winning with Swagbucks

Yesterday, I wrote a post about swagbucks and promised one today on tips and tricks for increasing your winnings so here it is.  First you can earn at least 4 swagbucks each day (I know that doesn’t sound like much but multiply that by 30 days each month and they add up) by doing the following:

  1. Download and install the swagbucks toolbar.  You can search right from the toolbar the first time you use it for the day, you will receive a swagbuck.
  2. On the swagbucks home page, click on the daily polls.  Answer the daily poll and you will receive another swagbuck or if you are really lucky you might win up to 3.
  3. Also on the home page, click on the special offers.  Go through the special offers, clicking on skip and after 1 or more, you will receive another swagbuck or two.
  4. Lastly, on the home page, click on “Trusted Surveys”.  You will receive 1 swagbuck just for checking the survey page and you can get more if you qualify for one of the surveys and complete it

There you go, at least 4 swagbucks for just a few minutes of your time

Now about searching the internet; not every search will yield you swagbucks but I have found some things that seem to have increased my earnings.  Do searches at different times of the day, essentially morning, afternoon, and evening.  I will do a couple of different searches if I don’t get the swagbucks on the first one.  I will also do a couple searches from my phone and this has increased my earnings.  Now I’m not sure just what it is that increases the odds of winning, it might be that I am simply doing more searches than I use to.

There are also Swagcodes where you can win swagbucks for simply entering the code on the home page.  The number and amounts of these codes vary, so it is best to follow swagbucks on twitter and/or facebook.  I have the updates from both sent to my phone so I don’t miss a code.

There is a swidget you can download from the home page, which you can use to check for codes.

You can send in a suggestion for a poll and if it is used, you earn 100 swagbucks.

Trade in your old cell phone and video games for swagbucks.

You can earn swagbucks by shopping online using the links from the home page.

Take a picture of yourself with your prize and send it to swagbucks will earn you more swagbucks.

And refer your friends!  As they earn swagbucks, you earn the same up to 1000 swagbucks!

There you have it!  Now go join swagbucks by clicking here.

Til next time!

Linda ❤



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